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“Our goal is to find solutions for every challenge.”


Hall construction & steel construction

General contractor

Welding, plasma cutting


I started my company in 2015 when i was 22 years old. One of our first bigger project was the refurbishment of a 500m2 polytunnel. In addition, the polytunnel’s automated roof ventilation was developed. The following project was the contruction of a 1 hectare Polytunnel establishment together with other companies. After completing several residential and corporate projects we worked for the Global Glass House Ltd. and Kovács gépszer Ltd. We have a site where we can prepare metal constructions, do customized metal parts and plasma cutting. Our success is due to our effort to invest in the company including buying new machines and making the work conditions better and better. Our focus is on quality and precision hoping to bring long term partnerships. Our goal is to find solutions for every challenge.

Balázs Pintér





Széchenyi 2020